Friday, February 11, 2011

Skips in London with DESIGN SQUAD

In the new design squad video a British girl named Mariam and Bert talks about her new idea of where to plant flowers and vegetables.

This new idea is to plant the food and flowers in skips. Skips are basically "big rubbish cans".

This idea is really cool because its recycling and it saves money that people would use to buy pots.

Instead of using feralizer they use worm tea, a mixture made by worms.

Then she and Bert got a bicycle. They used the bicycle to take her fruits and veggies to restaurants. The restaurants then made there food out of the organic home grown veggies.

Since its really hard to bicycle heavy produce to restaurants Mariam and Bert wishes she could find a better way to bring the fruits and vegetables to restaurants.

This is where Judy and Adam come in -- they help to make a dream come true.

First the four them brainstorm and come up with a trailer idea with two bikes attached and protection from smog and pollution.(as shown below).

Then to build the trailer they go...DUMPSTER DIVING!
They find big peices of wood, giant tubes of rubber and much, much more.

They use bakery trays to hold the fruit in the trailer.

And the finished product is shown to the left:

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