Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dance Pad for Ants

Today Alysen, Erion, and I made the dance pad from the dance pad mania challenge from Design Squad.

The problem was we created it so small that it was basically a dance pad for ants. We decided to make that our prototype and then make a new one next Friday.

The next one will be a bit bigger and a lot stronger. Alysen was a lot of help and so was Erion with help duct tape and keep track of all the wires. It was a bit challenging to create, but in the end we were happy with what we made. We made it by taking one battery and running four wires to each end of the batteries. We attached two of those wires to a light and two to a buzzer. The light barely turned on but the buzzer worked fine. We the duct tapped everything together and then duct taped it to a small piece of cardboard.

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