Friday, February 18, 2011

Rubber Band Car Pushed to the Limit

This week, The Hillwood Herald has a new reporter, Zeke, who has just started at the school. Together, we built a rubber band car.

Building a rubber band car is pretty easy (click for directions). Our car beat the other team once, but then our car fell apart. We had a lot of fun building it and also got some video and pictures of it, which will be posted on the site over the next few days. Now our car is all in pieces. Fortunately, it only took about fifteen minutes to build, and it was worth it.

We got the idea from Design Squad on PBS Kids. The project ended up being a lot of fun. If really was a challenge, but one we did quickly.

We built our car by first making a body out of a cut out of a piece of cardboard. Then we put a skewer through the piece of cardboard. From there, we put two CD's on the skewers and stuck them to the skewer with putty. Finally, we attached a rubber band to the body and skewer and it worked. We won twice and the other team lost both times.

By Jake and Zeke

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