Friday, February 18, 2011

Dance Pad for Mice

Today Jennifer and I, Anya, built a dance pad for mice. We built it on top of a box. Inside the box, is a restaurant for mice.

We started the dance pad by taping aluminum foil to the top of a box. Next we taped a battery onto the foil. Then we attached a buzzer to the battery. As soon as we attached the buzzer to the battery, it started buzzing. Next we tried to attach a lightbulb, it didn't work. Then we tried adding another battery, it still didn't. While Jennifer worked on the lightbulb, I puttied a disk to the inside of the box. The disk reflected light into the box lighting up the restaurant.

When we finally got the lightbulb to work we were super happy. If you want to make a dance pad go to Design Squad Nation.

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