Friday, February 4, 2011

PBS Kids & DESIGN SQUAD Helps You Draw Cakes

On PBS Kids, you can draw moving cakes that are cool.

The cakes are drawn using your computer mouse. You can draw just about anything and add it to your cake -- all in the hopes of making it move.

If you want to design a cake, you have to set up an account with a password and a username on the website. If you forget your password, you can click three pictures you selected during signup. Making an account on PBS Kids is free.

If you like somebody's picture you can give them a sticker. You can also view the cakes by the number of stickers that the most popular designs have earned.

As reporters with The Hillwood Herald, we do PBS Kids projects and go on organization's websites for design challenges. But PBS kids is a website where you can play games and design pictures.

This picture on the left side was made by Jay and Erion on the the PBS kids website.

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