Friday, February 4, 2011

Design Squad Rocks!

Today Jake and I went to Design Squad and made a sketch of a walking cake.

Our cake, as you can see, has wheels and layers.

This cake sketch is one of many ideas that you can sketch. On Design Squad, there are a bunch of questions such as "I wish I could build a cake that moves." Then you pick one of the many questions and you can either draw a sketch or make a prototype.

On Design Squad you can make a username and password and play games and get points and stickers.

Judy and Adam are engineers for Design Squad. They use engineering and recycled materials to make playgrounds and skate parks for kids who don't have them and so on.

You can watch videos on design squad also. Design Squad is also a television show that airs nationally. You can watch the shows first three episodes in full on the website. 

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