Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Look at Unlikely Friends

National Geographic has two videos about animals that were thought to fight with each other. A drug dealer had extra money to spend, so he bought  Baloo the black bear, Leo the lion, and Sheerkon tiger. The animals live in the habitat called "The Club House," and love to play, relax, and welcome visitors. These animals were rescued by cops and given to Noah's Ark.

Noah's Ark is a rehabilitation center just south of Atlanta. It's a special habitat that welcomes all species.

A worker at Noah's Ark thought if the cubs weren't rescued, then they would have died because the owner wouldn't be able to handle such mature animals. Now, the animals are loved and love being at Noah's Ark.

Baloo the bear wore a harness as a cub, and the owners didn't adjust the harness, get a new one, or take it off, so vets from Noah's Ark had to do it themselves. The harness was grown into Baloo's shoulders. Now, fortunately, Baloo is having a blast playing with his friends at Noah's Ark.

The one other "Unlikely Friends" episode I watched was with a baby elephant and a sheep. In 2008, in Africa, near Capetown, a wild baby elephant was orphaned. The workers at Shamwari are worried about the small elephant. The elephant is like a child. They have to be loved, and this animal lost its mom, so it is very shy and skittish. It took a while before the cub even took water at Shamwari.

Shamwari to the rescue! They found the elephant a friend, a sheep! The two animals don't get along at first, though. Within a day, the two animals went from chasing each other to playing happily. About three days after the two animals met, the elephant took milk. After feeling comfortable with the cub, they named it Hope.

You can watch the videos of "Unlikely Friends" in the below Herald posts.

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