Friday, January 14, 2011

Judy Lee Talks About Her Life As An Engineer

Judy Lee, a female engineer, visited our school last semester. Judy is the co-host of Design Squad Nation.

When Judy was a child, she would take objects apart and attempt to put them back together, built forts, and played in creeks. Judy was first introduced to engineering by her father. Her father was a civil engineer.

When Judy was an adult, she felt toys were gender specific. Boys got building blocks and fake tools, and girls got dolls and kitchen sets. Also, boy colors were red, blue, and green (my favorite colors), and girls favorite colors were pink and purple.

Judy's favorite invention is the camera. Mine is electricity. You can learn more by clicking here. If you'd like to read about Judy's visit to Hillwood, click here. You can also learn about her friend and TV show partner Adam, also an engineer.

Source: Inventors Digest

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