Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FROM A GRADUATE: MMA: Mixed Martial Arts Club

Hey Herald readers! How are ya'? I'm already back at school and if you scroll down, there's two posts by me from August. At my school, there isn't a whole lot of sports; but, there are a lot of afterschool clubs and extracurricular activities!

Last Friday during my lunch time, a lot of clubs held stands around the counrtyard. There was the yearbook club, anime club, Japan Interim (that is a whoooole different story. I will post up a presentation about it), Interact Club, Pacific Asian Club, Cheerleading, Mixed Martial Arts Club, Fil-AM Club, and for some reason, Glee Club. <---- I'm being sarcastic there >
I signed up for the yearbook club, Pacific Asian Club, and Mixed Martial Arts Club. I don't know if I should join yearbook but because of working on The Herald for two years, I really like that stuff: taking pictures, making captions, etc. The Pacific Asian Club also sounds interesting: we get make sushi and I get a PAC sweater! Haha. And finally, the Mixed Martial Arts Club. I want to learn some self-defense.

What do you think? Should I join one of them, two, or all three? Comment below! ;)

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