Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Famous Author Do You Write Like?

The web-based "I Write Like" game compares your writing to famous authors. Find out who you — supposedly — write like. Created by Coding Robots and the journal-writing software Memoires, the program measures your prose against famous writers through a set of algorithms.

You just cut and paste a sample piece of text to play the game. According to the program, The Hillwood Herald staff writes like — oh, horror — Stephen King and local magazine The Believer, which is associated with 826 Valencia, a writing center for kids and a pirate store.

Who do you write like? Share your reactions in the comments section.


  1. Well, according to this site, my latest writing reads like that of Kurt Vonnegut. I'll take that, as he really was talented!

    Interestingly, we're both journalists from Indiana!

    Slaughterhouse-Five is his most famous book and a heart-wrenching read. More on Kurt Vonnegut:

  2. Ok. So I entered a passage I wrote on The Herald about graduation date. And apparently, I write like Ursula K. Le Guin. Haha. I have no idea who that was. So I did some research.

    Well, guess what? Ursula Guin lives in Berkeley, California! Born in 1929, Guin first became interested in literature when she was only eleven years old. She submitted her first story to a magazine called Astounding Science Fiction. Though it was rejected, Guin continued to write and submitted other stories as well.

    Ursula Guin specializes in Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. (If I found that out earlier, maybe I could've read a novel of hers for my book report ) Not only has she written two novel series (Earthsea Hainish Cycle), Guin has also written 5 additional novels and also composed several poems.

    More info :

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