Sunday, January 27, 2008

Marine Mammal and the Giants Team Up

Student Assignment: Julien G.

The following is from the Marine Mammal Center. Write an article -- no less than 300 words -- about their day with the Giants.

Why are they doing it? Remember to include images, as well as the answers to the five W's (who, what, when where, why). Also, give an update to how the Giant's season is going.

You're invited to help celebrate Marine Mammal Day!

What is Marine Mammal Day, You Ask?

You know that the San Francisco Giants mascot is the world famous Lou Seal, but did you know that he has his own favorite charity? It's The Marine Mammal Center, of course! So Marine Mammal Day is Lou Seal's big chance to tell all his friends about how the Center helps out seals (and sea lions, whales and more!).

Marine Mammal Day 2009LOU SEAL reports: Because of my great-grandfather, the original San Francisco minor league baseball team was named the San Francisco Seals. As Grandpa told it, the original owner was walking along Pier 23 trying to think of a name for his team. A burst of wind came and blew his cap off his head and into the Bay. My great-grandfather retrieved it with his nose and gave it back to the man. From that moment on, they were called the San Francisco Seals!

So join us in celebrating marine mammals: buy your tickets for the 8th Annual Marine Mammal Day and help save seals in the process of having fun!

  • Watch the San Francisco Giants take on the Baltimore Orioles
  • Game Time is 12:45 pm Wednesday, June 16th at AT&T Park
  • A portion of ticket sales for this game will be donated to the Center when you purchase your tickets through this special link: click here

So please join us, and help spread the word about Marine Mammal Day! (This is our monthly members-only program for June,and anyone who has a ticket can attend!).

If you have trouble getting to the special link, paste this into your browser:

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