Friday, April 16, 2010

My Top Picks

2. I can make the world a better place by recycling. composting, and saving electricity. By doing these things and others like not loitering, I can help the worlds' next generation with less pollution and global warming.

3.The career choice I want is to become a professional athlete. But, I do know that it is one out of a one million chance to become a professional athlete you need to train and train until you are the biggest in the game.

9."Over the Rainbow" by Judy Garland. "I Am What I Learn" by Kevin Phu

10. What I like about San Francisco is the variety of food. For example Chinese food, Italian food, French food, Japanese food and more. There is also a lot of amazing places to go to like The Golden Gate Bridge. I also like the 49ers football team.

11.The three best things about Hillwood is that you get a very traditional education. I like the kind staff members at Hillwood. They give you a warm feeling and gives you the needed amount of attention in all aspects of my school life. When you come to this school, everyone feels like a family and it has an encouraging environment. I also like the camp out that is at the end of every year at the Grantz's cabin. Their hospitality is very nice and the cabin is very fun. For example, we can play baseball or go for hikes.

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