Friday, March 26, 2010

How a Bill Becomes a Law?

With all of the commotion concerning the new health care law, it leads one to be curious. Some are start asking, "How does a bill become law anyway?"

If the public wants a certain law, they call on a representative. Before passing into law, the rule starts out as a bill. A bill that would affect the nation (if passed) is debated on Capitol Hill in Congress. If it is approved by the House of Representatives, it moves on to the other house, the Senate. If passed with amendments, it's sent back to the House of the Representatives; without amendments, it's passed on to the president. When and if the bill is passed and agreed on with amendments, it moves to the president's office. The bill, if not vetoed, will most likely become law by January first of the next year.

Now, read about The Herald post about the health care bill.

sources: Wikipedia, School House Rock
by Brigette W.

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