Friday, March 26, 2010

The Health Care Reformation

On Tuesday, March 23, history was made when President Obama's health care overhaul was signed into law.

A victory like this for Democrats certainly couldn't have been gained easily. It cost a year of antagonism and may cost the seats of Democratic lawmakers.

This new law, priced at almost $1 trillion, will make it so that by 2014, every American will have health insurance, or be fined if he doesn't, and will include the 32 million who now lack it. Medicaid will cover more people and insurers won't be able to deny service, but Medicare will be sacrificed.

According to the health care law, starting this year, insurers cannot cancel someone's insurance, if he gets sick or injured. Children will be insured up to age 26.

Many oppose this new law because of its great expense and are accusing it as a "government takeover."

Below is a video from the White House's website showing the President signing the health care bill. You can also read a post about how a bill become a law on The Hillwood Herald.

source: SFGate
by: Brigette W.

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