Friday, March 12, 2010

Hippocrates of Cos: The Western Father of Medicine

Each semester (two in total of one school year), the upper graders write a report about a designated topic. During the fall semester, we wrote reports about countries. This time, we are reporting on scientists.

For my semester report, I have chosen Hippocrates of Cos, an ancient Greek Physician. He learned medicine from his father and grandfather, as they were also both somehow connected to those fields of study. Little is known about his childhood but studies show that he had two sons, Thessalus and Draco, along with a son-in-law, Polybus. According to Galen, also a Greek physician, Polybus was Hippocrates' true successor and he also became a physician. It is not know when Hippocrates passes away. Some say 83, some say 90 while others believe he lived to be beyond 100 years old.

All sources and picture from Wikipedia

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