Friday, February 5, 2010

Pierre's Wetsuit Works

Pierre is a 25 year old penguin and the oldest penguin at the California Academy of Sciences. Since Pierre is the oldest penguin he is losing feathers and the feathers are needed to keep Pierre warm. So the people of Academy of Sciences ordered a hand made suit called a Wetsuit. Pierre got his Wetsuit in 6 weeks. When Pierre wore the suit he has gained some of his old feathers and gained a little bit of weight. (Click to watch the video of Pierre in the wet suit.)

The Academy of Sciences has Pierre both the penguin and the penguin cams, which show the penguins doing what they are doing. There is also a daily blog that tells you the penguins are up to at the Academy of Sciences. They are often climbing on the rocks and getting fed. The underwater cam shows them swimmng. You can look at the web cams and read the blog at the Academy's website.

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