Friday, February 12, 2010

First Lady Leads Fight Against Youth's Obesity

The best shot at health care reform this year may not be coming from Obama's office but from the family dinning room. Michelle Obama set up a meeting with several secretaries and congressional committee members to strategize about a campaign against children's obesity. Obesity kills about 100,000 Americans each year.

Since Michelle started a vegetable garden at the white House she became interested in food and health. As a parent this is an issue to her and she has learned that there are many other parents around the world struggling with the same issue. Statements by first ladies can have powerful effects, for example before lady Bird Johnson's campaign against billboards and litter on the highway people used to throw trash out of their car window. In trying to stop child obesity, Michelle Obama is trying to stop the source of this national health crisis.

Health and Humans Services Secretery Kathleen Sebelius says that the first major federal investment will begin with a $1 billion fund. The first lady said the most focus will be on four things: improving health at school, increasing children's physical activities, improving access to healthy nutrition, and make it more affordable to poor children. She says the good news is that obesity is solvable.

By Lance

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