Friday, January 22, 2010

Ten Tips for Interviewing

Interviewing is the most significant way for reporters to get information. Like all of us here at The Hillwood Herald.

Here are the top eleven tips for interviewing:

• Schedule the interview ahead of time.
• Do some research on the person your interviewing.
• Say what is your name.
• Try to get the truth.
• Respect the person who your interviewing.
• Get to your interview early.
• Dress nicely for your interview.
• Write down all your question and ask to tape record them.
• Take some notes during the interview.
• Think of some answers you want to get.
• Be professional.

This is a professional interview with Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Walters. We are highlighting this not for the politics (it is from 2006) but for the interviewing techniques. Also, Nancy Pelosi is a neighbor to Hillwood. You can read more about her in Irene's story.

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