Friday, December 4, 2009

Wolfie Goes Home and the Marine Mammal Center

Wolfie is a seal at the Marine Mammal Center who has an infection in his left wrist joint. To help him they had to remove all the dead bone to help him. They solved the problem because a volunteer donated an Agee Wristjack. Wolfie is now healed and uses his bionic flipper to help him slide and swim.

The Marine Mammal Center lets any teenager from 14 to 18 volunteer.

This is a picture of Wolfie and a wild sea lion. Wolfie is the one with the tracking device on the back oh his head.

Watch this video of Wolfie being greeted by a wild sea lion during his release back to his wild ocean home.

Here is another slide show to embed with your story:


  1. An Agee Wristjack is a company that makes jacks for wrists

  2. well....what kind of Agee Wristjack was it? does the company produce different kinds or jacks for wrists?

  3. wow're supposed to research your topic!!!! =P