Friday, December 4, 2009

Copenhagen and Climate Change for Kids

The Children’s Climate Forum

According to the decisions made by the COP15 will affect children and young people’s lives today and help their world of tomorrow. For this reason UNICEF and the City of Copenhagen has taken action to give children and young people of the world a chance to be heard in the debate by scheduling a children and youth forum in the week prior to the COP15.

160 young Delegates from 40 countries will be representing the young people of the world at the Children’s Climate Forum. They will give their thoughts, ideas and calls for action on how to create a sustainable world for future generations, which is a matter of helping the rights of children in a world affected by climate change. The forum will end in the adoption of a final resolution with recommendations for world action on climate change.

Climate Change and COP15

In early December 2009 the state leaders of the world will come together in Copenhagen, Denmark to talk about climate change and try to find an agreement on how to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The event is called COP15 (Conference for the Parties no. 15), and the result is very important for the future possibilities for handling the challenges given by the climate changes. Read more about COP15.

Here is a kid's site dedicated to COP15.

For more about COP15, read Brigette's story.

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