Friday, November 6, 2009

The Kitty with Swine Flu and Tips on How to Stay Healthy

The 13-year-old kitty who got swine flu. Now what do you think about that? This Iowa kitty caught the swine flu and is still recovering. The kitty caught the swine flu from people.

In 1004 the big cats from a zoo in Thailand. 147 tigers died and 2 rare leopards died probably from raw infected chicken meat. In 2006 a cat in Germany died of H5N1. Millions of birds have died of H5N1.

For humans the strangest thing is the vaccination for swine flu goes through your nose. Kids under 9 have to have a booster shot one month after the vaccination. If someone has asthma or other health issues they have to get a shot instead.

You can stay healthy just by washing your hands, you can stay healthy by taking vitamins, and you also should get all your shots.

Listen to this audiofile from the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, about what kids and their families can do to keep healthy.

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