Friday, November 13, 2009

Icky, Gross, Parasites

Did you know that you can have parasites in you? Well, don't freak out because of this fact.

About 85-95 percent adults have parasites in them. They are very gross to look at up close. Parasites are generally thought of as a Third World problem, but that is not necessarily the case. Anyone can have parasites.

The Disease Control in 1976 found out that six people selected at random had at least one or more parasites in them. Isn't that gross? Parasites can be a very serious public threat. People keep on talking about them, but slowly people begin to stop listening and paying any attention to them.

New York City's RadioLab did an hour-long segment about parasites. Here is the orignal RadioLab audio podcast.
Read this blog entry by RadioLab. Watch the different videos, and embedd several onto you page. Also, read and link to this article by Dan Zimmer, the king of parasite. He made the video below:

Written by Rubina H.
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