Friday, October 23, 2009

An Update on The Hillwood Herald Class

It's healthy for me to report about The Herald's class. **

Recently, we have done a lot of things in class. We contacted Zara on iChat and we interviewed her about India, the contest, and many others. All of us got to speak to Zara and Zara also got to see us! We learned quite a bit about India. The weather varies in different parts but where Zara lives is pretty hot. She also mentioned Indian food being really really spicy but good.

The Herald staff is also going to enter the "I Am What I Learn Contest". We will send in a video talking about why education is important to us and how it will help us.

We are going to send a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and try to get her to come in for an interview. We are still in the process of mailing it but we hope that she will accept! It will be very interesting to know how she works.

Anyways, wanted to give an update about what The Hillwood Herald in class. Bye!!

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