Friday, October 23, 2009

Student Teacher

A 16 year old student in India spends named Baber Ali pays for his education. Even though he pays for his education he has to be the one who teaches the students not a teacher. There are only 10 volunteer teachers teaching and 800 students trying to learn.

If i had to teach my own class I would be stressed out. I wouldn't think i can teach a class. Its easier to be taught then to teach. I am blessed that I don't have to pay for education and that I don't have to teach a class. That is to much pressure and to much responsibility.

The students in UK are interviewing Baber Ali on how he likes teaching and what does he do. He likes teaching. His favorite subjects are history, English, and political science. At school he teaches history and English. He enjoys his job a lot, he has been wanting to be a teacher ever since he was a child. He teaches for free because he know that many students and parents can't pay for an education.

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