Friday, October 16, 2009

top stories of the year

An amateur treasure hunter, Terry Herbert, had found two months ago the largest amount of Anglo-Saxon on farmland. Before Terry found the treasure he was walking with his metal detector for 18 years. Terry found the treasure on the farm so, the farmer who owned the farm got half of the treasure. Most of the treasure was war loot, like seventh century crosses and sword decorations. Expert archaeologists were shocked when they heard the news.

They were shocked because that wasn't the largest hoard but the only hoard. "It was an amazing discovery", say expert archaeologists. It contained around 1300 treasure half of it was gold and another half silver.The treasures are gonna be transferred to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. There was a conference to plan were the treasure would go.

For more information read this New York Times article.

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this post was one of my favorite posts this year!
because it explained about what people used to fight and what jewelry they wore a long time ago.

2)  In twenty years I would reuse, reduce, and recycle to make the world better.

3)I would want to play pro sports.


Cornell University's professor William Strunk wrote a book about the rules of grammar that Cornell's Big Red basketball used for their Sweet Sixteen game versus Kentucky wildcats.

Cornell's coach Steve Donahue says that "we won't just hold the ball because they are very athletic but then were just gonna loose." To win Cornell needs talented players like Ryan Whitman. But Whitman also pulled some guiding principles for the team fromThe Elements of Style. You can hear more about the book and the team at NPR.

Strunk and White wrote a book on the rules of grammar. This book is usually given to High School and College students for their classes. It was was originally published in 1918 and called The Elements of Style. It has a list of misused words to help people write better.

5) My favorite songs are elevator, lose yourself, forever, forever young, and till I collapse.

6) I like the weather in San Francisco, and I like it because it always changes from cold to warm and from sun to rain.

7)The best things about hillwood are the teachers, students, and education. the teachers and students are very nice.

8) Hillwood is a great school it  is high in education and it is very fun.  Everyone in hillwood is very nice and funny

9)I predict that in twenty years people will be able to fly.

10) To include  the lower graders in the yearbook would be to take pictures of them, to put in the yearbook.

s an old band from Chicago, Illinois. They are now in Los Angeles. The band has four members, Damian Kulash (lead vocals and guitar), Tim Nordwind (bass guitar and backing vocalist), Dan Konopka (drum and percussion), and Andy Ross(keyboard, guitar, and backing vocals).

In 1998 OK Go released 2 albums and "Here It Goes Again" won the band a Grammy Award. In 2007 they got "Best Short-Form Music Video."

The band came to be by meeting when they were 11 years old. They called the band OK Go because their art teacher would say "OK Go" when they were drawing. They kept in touch after camp and sent each other mix tapes. They met Andy Duncan in high school and who was replaced later by Andy Ross. They met Dan Konopka (a drummer) in college. OK Go formed in 1998.

The following video s

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