Friday, October 16, 2009

I Am What I Learn Contest, What Should Hillwood Do? Send Us Your Ideas

These are ideas the we may put on our "I Am What I Learn" video. One idea is we should talk about our family, what we learned and how it made us who we are, and friends.

My family helped me learn how to behave and my friends have taught me to get along with each other. My education has made me who I am because when I started gymnastics I wasn't very good, but still today I'm not very good but I still learned.When I started soccer I was fine, but my team wasn't very good we were all picking on our soccer jersey. My coach was awful she did'nt really do anyting to help, I barely learned anything.The next year I went to a much better coach and I learned much more. Well...those are my experiences.

Please put your answers to what inspires you to learn in the suggestion box on the shelf by the school's front door.

Photo credit: Irene X.

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