Friday, October 16, 2009

Hillwood's 60th Anniversary in Muir Woods

Last Sunday, Hillwood went to Camp Hillwood in Muir Woods. The occasion was the 60th anniversary for Hillwood Academic Day School.

We first had a BBQ then a long hike. We got many pictures of the woods. There weren't any deer but there were lots of trees. I loved the hammock at the camp. Everyone had a lovely time.

The hike was long and hard but I mainly liked stone stacking. There was a fun Pinata to whack. Don't forget about the candy. There was also a lot of singing with Ms. Gayle Shcmitt. Mr. Eric Grantz, the owner, hosted this wonderful BBQ. There was lots of desserts and lots of dumplings and meat. The camp is were Hillwood's summer program takes place each year.

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