Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to Enter the ‘I am What I Learn’ Contest

Student Assignment:
Irene X.

The US Department of Education launched the "I Am What I Learn" 2-minute video contest for students 13 years and older on YouTube. Three winners will receive $1,000. (The above video does not work. After it went live, the government pulled it for further review. Apparently, there may be some issues about the amount of data that will need to be collected. Still, we proceed with assignment)

Click around on the government's "I Am What I Learn" website, if it is working. You may also access a governmental document to teachers on Google Docs. Do not take time to read the entire document. Rather, scroll down to "Video Project" and use that information in your story.

Tell Herald readers about the contest (remember the five W's). Also, write about how schools can enter and include how Hillwood might go about submitting entries. (Include information from the "How to Qualify" section of the website's frontdoor.)

Answer the five W’s of any good news story. Then include one or two good examples of how what Hillwood students could do. Then, make a call to action — ask that people leave video ideas for Hillwood in the comment section of your post.
  • Who:
  • What:
  • When:
  • Where:
  • Why:
Irene, after you write your story, use the Flip video camera to film a brief interview about the contest. Work with Zack O. to create three to five questions about the contest. At the end, make a call for ideas to your audience — the Hillwood community — for ideas about how the school can participate in this contest. Should, perhaps, the entire school submit a video? Or should the upper-graders do something? Or should each upper-grader student make his or her own?

Until the contest's entry deadline, October 20, you will help lead Hillwood's effort in making and collecting these videos.

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