Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Does It Take to Be a Kid Reporter?

Student Assignment:
Rubina H., Anya J.

Nine-year-old Brennan, runs The Spruce St. Weekly, a handwritten weekly Port Townsend, Washington, neighborhood newspaper. TIME magazine recently recognized Brennan's work with an award. This award is the news hook in your article. (A news hook is a timely event that makes your subject more interesting and relevant to your audience.)
  • To learn more about Brennan, watch the above video and read this article from the Port Towsend Leader from October 2008.
  • To learn about the news hook, read this recent article on the Seattle PI.
After watching Brennan's video and reading the article about him and the award, write three to five sentences (one paragraph) about Brennan and his winning of the award.

Remember to answer the five W’s of any good news story:
  • Who:
  • What:
  • When:
  • Where:
  • Why:

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