Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who says a poem can't describe love?

Love flies, love floats
On rivers, in boats
or comes from above
on the wings of a dove

From family and friends
Love never ends
It comes and stays
though with yeas and nays

A bouquet of flowers
A sweet box of chocolates
A peck on the cheek
yes, something so meek

Alas, there it is
and always remember
Love does not come
and then leave in December

That is the poem that got me, Darien C. (pictured above), not only into Sacred Heart Cathedral High School on De Paul Scholar status, but also published in the 2009 http://www.poeticpower.com/ Spring poem anthology: A Celebration of Poets.

I began to write this poem one morning after my mom and I had received and e-mail that my previous submission for the scholarship to Sacred Heart had not gone through. So I took that chance to be inspired and write a wonderful piece of literature.

For more info on the contest and to buy copies of anthologies check out http://www.poeticpower.com/.

Photo credit: Irene X.

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