Friday, May 15, 2009

Current Events: Evolutionary Creatures — From Sea to Land

Paleontologists have found a fossil that belonged to a creature that was one of the first fish to begin to grow feet. It has been named the Titaalik. This fish was still a fish, but at the ends of its fins, developing fingers and toes were suggested. It also had flexible necks, larger ribs, eyes on the top of the head, and the ability to breathe on land. Because of the Titaalik's evolving fins, it could easily avoid danger by propping itself up on land in shallow water. This animal made up some of the roots of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Another fossil found was that of the Indohyus. Though it looked like a fox-sized rodent, it was a relative of the hippopotamus and of the whale. Its ears, teeth, and bones resembles those of modern whales, meaning that it spent much time underwater.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Image Courtesy of: San Francisco Chronicle

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  1. Is the animal in the image under water? I wonder if it is a mammal or counted as something else? Brigette, do you know?