Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Hillwood Videos

Student Assignment
the Julians

Each week, a student will make a photo collage with music using Animoto, an online application.

The video should be both interesting and informative. Photos and music, when combined well, can tell a story.

For this first week, simply learn to use the application. (Call Ms. Moorhead over when you are ready to start.)

On the desktop of Ms. Moorhead's laptops, there is a folder marked "Animoto Photos." Use photos from this folder.

Remember to pick appropriate music for your video. Remember your audience — your parents, friends, and teachers.

Go to

Click on the "Sign In" button in the upper-right-hand corner.
Password: Hillwood

You both will need to pace yourselves with this assignment — do not spend too much time listening to music or selecting images. There will be time to play with the program later.

When you finish this assignment, work with Irene X. on the video assignment. Zack you will be interviewing Irene; Julian, you will be filming them.

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