Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hillwood Students Sing and Dance on Stage at the Randall Museum

In February, five Hillwood kids helped out Ms. Gayle Schmitt and her Toodala Ramblers — Tom Drohan (standup bass), Ted Silverman (mandolin), Betsy Maudlin (fiddle), and Craig Fletcher (banjo) at the Randall Museum. (Click through to the Randall Museum’s website and you’ll see a young Darien! An eighth-grader, Darien will be going to high school in the fall.)

Samantha and Rubina from the middle grades performed during both shows — they both sang and danced. Kasama and Oliver performed from the lower grades, and the older girls helped them on stage. More than 100 people were at each show. Jay and Joe Joe were in the crowd to provide support and extra clapping.

You can listen to some of the band’s music at Ms. Schmitt’s website. You can also hear some of the songs that we play and sing in class at Hillwood.

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