Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Theater Event: ‘Hamlet’ in Noe Valley

Student assignment: Rubina

Write a news story announcing this upcoming play. Write about how students can attend the show and what Hamlet is about. Remember to include the five W's of a good news story.

HAMLET at the Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey Street, San Francisco, on
November 21st ~ Show at 2:00 pm / Q&A with the cast at 3:00 pm
No ticket or reservation needed — just come and enjoy the show!

This ghostly tale of a prince whose royal family is disrupted by revenge and corruption is considered to be one of Shakespeare’s finest commentaries on morality and the human condition. Set in the medieval court of Denmark, the show features Shakespeare’s most famous soliloquy, ‘to be or not to be’ and other familiar language that will be readily recognized!

The set (hand-painted by award-winning scenic designer Serina Serjama whose work with Santa Barbara and San Jose Opera Companies has been widely acclaimed) and period costumes conjure up Elsinore, the medieval Danish castle in which Hamlet is set. The performance also features a professionally choreographed sword fight! This production is directed by Rebecca J. Ennals, who staged last year’s tour of Romeo & Juliet that played nearly 200 times all over the state.

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