Sunday, January 13, 2008

Summer Break Ends — for Congress, Too

Student: Anya

It's back to school — er, work — for Congress this week. Write a news story announcing that Congress is back at work and what does that mean? You will be answering the W's of a good news story through Congress:

  • Who: Congress (and "who" specifically for California?) Use the U.S. government's website for kids to write this story.
  • What: Congress — the 111th Congress, second session — is back to work this week. What does that mean? Hint: Read this article on Kids in the House for help in explaining what Congress does.
  • When: This week.
  • Where: Explain — and show — where. Use both words and pictures to do this.
  • Why: Again, use the U.S. government's website for kids to help you answer this portion of your story. What is the job of Congress?

Just for fun, link to this Congressional crossword puzzle on Kids in the House.

Also, embed the following videos:

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