Saturday, January 19, 2008

Outdoor Exploratorium

Student: Irene

Since 1969, the Exploratorium has merged science and fun with its hands-on collection; now, it brings that curatorial savvy outdoors, with 20 interactive exhibits that investigate everything from water and wind to sound and light. Bridge Thermometer demonstrates how the Golden Gate can gauge temperature; Tasting the Tides creates a bayside water fountain; and Corrosion Wedge reveals the secret life of historic waterfront buildings. The exhibit has been two years in the making, and it's guaranteed to teach you a thing or two about the phenomena right before your eyes.

Write an article about its outdoor exhibit.

If you finish early, please write two additional stories (they can be short):
  • What happens in Hillwood in June.
  • A story about the yearbook (encourage students to buy one)

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