Friday, January 5, 2007

January 12: Friday Assignments

  1. Alysen: The quake in Japan, and how to prepare for one in the Bay Area.
  2. Rubina H.: What was President Obama up to this week?
  3. Anya J.: How do kangaroos bounce?
  4. Camryn P., our roving, out-of-state reporter!: Make over a planet.
  5. Nikita: Make over a planet.
  6. Angela V.: Write a preview about ‘Mars Needs Moms.’
  7. Faryn D.:  A meteorologist's webpage for kids — tell what's most interesting to you.
  8. Erion H.: Make over a planet.
  9. Jay J.: Make over a planet.
  10. Jennifer L.: Pick and then write about an animal.
  11. Clara M.: Here's the latest DESIGN SQUAD challenge to review. Or write a preview about ‘Mars Needs Moms.’
  12. Zeke: Make over a planet.
  13. Jake: Make over a planet.
If you finish early:
  • Make an Animota video highlighting your DESIGN SQUAD work.
  • Use the website Flower Power to make an illustration, or image, for The Herald.

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