Saturday, February 3, 2007

More DESIGN SQUAD Challenges!

Today, we will have a special guest, Lindsey Z. She has been tapped for San Francisco's Secret Society for Creative Philanthropy. She'll be here to tell us about this organization and what it might mean for the upper-grade class.

Feel free to visit the DESIGN SQUAD website to view briefly the latest episode. Then, begin your next DESIGN SQUAD Challenge. REMEMBER to photograph it with the digital camera, so it can be uploaded to the DESIGN SQUAD site later. 

Kinetic Sculpture
Click on the link to the video on the right-hand side of the page. Slide the video bar to the time stamp of 26:21, and then watch Judy and Adam make their Kinetic Sculpture. 
  • Angela
  • Faryn
  • Clara
  • Alysen 
  • Jake
  • Zeke
  • Camryn (Yes, Camryn, we're still posting possible assignments for you! You can easily do this challenge.)
Motorized Car
Group 1:
  • Anya (try to save time to write about Judy's pug's fashion show [scroll down the page])
  • Rubina (try to save time to write about the Toodala Ramblers and Hillwood kids performance)
  • Jennifer
Group 2:
  • Nikita
  • Jay
  • Erion
If you have time, email the show feedback about what you like most about the show.

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