Friday, February 23, 2018

The Reason Behind the Lion and Dog "Shaking Hands"

3 weeks ago a viral video of Miki, a full grown male lion, and Camila, a full grown female brown lab, were supposedly seen as "shaking hands" in a wildlife sanctuary.

Miki was a former pet, owned illegally with Camila. An organization known as BJWT rescued both of the pets, and brought them back to their sanctuary where they are currently being housed together.

Now you may be asking, "why are they being housed together?" Well the answer is simple, Miki and Camila have formed a special bond together since they have been housed together since they were babies. This is not the first case of different species bonding, for example, a bear, lion, and tiger were rescued from a private collection, and now are very closely bonded, and living in a reserve near Atlanta.

And that would explain why Miki and Camila were seen as "shaking hands" in the video.

Although BJWT claims to be a sanctuary on its website, some animal rights activist claim that the amount of human-animal contact is exploitive to the animals which is not good for the animals. Also the sanctuary is not officially registered as a sanctuary.

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