Friday, January 12, 2018

The beggining of ( Band of Brothers)as a primer on good military leadership

     Band of Brothers is a miniseries by HBO about the exploits of the soldiers of E Company 2/506 PIR(PARACHUTE INFANTRY REGIMENT) and incase any one is wondering what E stannds for Easy company. The miniseries is about the regiment starting from training before the war and till the end of world war two . The miniseries came out in the summer of 2001. And it focuses on the main charecter army officer Dick Winters.
   However that is not true in episode one they all train with the mean captain Sobel . Wich forces them to run noutorious  runs up a hill called Currahee and its a six mile run. And  you are not allowed to drink from your water . Sobel makes soldiers march accross the border just to show off how easy company can ovethrow other companies by fitness .
     The question people are asking is Why ? Dose this show demonstrate good military leadership.
Well here is the answer ? There is one quote from Winters that states “Never put your self in a position where you can steal from these men”. That demonstrates what people respect out of  a good leader. And how a good leader should control his people in certain situations .Overall this miniseries states that a good leaders work will payed off reflecting on the younger people and encouraging them.    
    My opinion is that I agree with this type of reasoning .I also think that this miniseries shows the value of freindship in critical situations . And the conclousion is that Band of Brothers is a miniseries that teaches you life lessons and the value of teamwork and freindship .
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