Friday, January 5, 2018

Protests in Iran

Right now in Iran there are protests about prices going up and younger people are using guns. The Iranian government has turned off Telegram for a day for leaks of protests going out. Trump  posted on Twitter the people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth being stolen on terrorism.Media and newspapers all over the world are flooded  with pictures. One picture is a picture of a woman raising her fist in defiance of tear gas fired at protesters Saturday in the University of Tehran.

After four days of rare protests in Iran the President Hassan Rouhani tried to calm the nation  on December 31,2017 , saying people had the right to protest and acknowledging public worries over the economy and corruption. He told Iranians not to resort to violence. The protests are the first major demonstrations in Iran since 2009.

Two troublemakers were reported killed in recent days in the city of  Dorud, and dozens arrested across Iran.Iranian authorities started blocking Telegram for a day. The  crowds were chanting death to dictator and clerics should get lost as the article mentions.

My opinion is that people are basically giving there  lifes away by shooting people and just saying a sentence. I think that this is stupid that people shouldn't give there lifes away.i also think that the president should do more and I think that people should calm down.

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