Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Facts about North Korea

There are two parts of Korea. There's the north and the south. Many people say that the south is better than the north. North Korea's first leader was Kim ll-sung. He was born April 15, 1912. He had one son Kim Jong-il who would be the next leader. Kim ll-sung said he wanted to live until 100 but died at age 82. He died July 8, 1994. Kim Jong-il was born February 16, 1941. He had three sons Kim Jong-un,Kim Jong-nam, and Kim Jong -chul. Kim Jong un is the current leader of north Korea today but Kim Jong-nam was supposed to take the throne because he was the first born. He wasn't interested so that's why Kim Jong-un is the leader. I don't know why Kim Jong-chul isn't the leader.

Kim Jong-nam died February 13, 2017. Cause of death was a chemical weapon attack. He has children but they're not really important.  Today North Korea is considered a threat because of their dangerous nukes. There's also a bridge that connects the two Koreas, which is called the Freedom Bridge. And just recently a troop member from North Korea escaped and the South Koreans helped him once they got him. That's all I'm going to talk about, if you want to learn more just go online.

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