Friday, September 29, 2017

Trends of 2017

2017 might have been a good year for some of you, but it also might have been a bad year. Either way, lets recap some of the trends that have happened this last year... so far. But beware, some of the trends might be to much for you to handle.

#1, the wavy eyebrows trend.
     The wavy eyebrows trend has been around for a couple of months, and all the makeup artists are going crazy about it. It all started on July 2 with a creative instagram post. It was all for good fun, but people started taking it to the next level. In fact, the wavy lip trend was also born because of this.

#2, the holographic nail trend.
      Now, the holographic nail trend has been around a little before 2017, but has still been a trend in 2017. Although it is not a big trend, it still has been worn by many and shown off in instagram posts. If you look around instagram, I am sure that one of the pictures of these nails will show up. 

#3, the furry nails trend.
      The furry nails trend was a very interesting trend. Even though I am not into this trend, many other people were. Again, this trend was a wacky thing and can be found somewhere on instagram if you do enough digging.
     I know that these weren't a lot of trends, but these are some of the most famous trends of 2017 so far. Hopefully, we won't have a many crazy trends next year.

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