Friday, May 12, 2017

HIllwood Memory - Natasha

   After eight years of attending Hillwood School, I have made many memories that I will look back at in the future. Here I have met people who I would not have otherwise, and that is something special. Once I graduate this school, I will continue to tell stories about my experiences at Hillwood, because they are truly unforgettable.
   When I was in fifth grade, the upper-graders went on a trip to Yosemite. There were strict rules in the camp about keeping food out of the tents because of the bears that could put people in danger if they smelled food.
   For over an hour, our teacher at the time snatched Goldfish and granola bars from children to keep away from any problems. When we went to bed, our teacher looked into her backpack and found two loaves of banana bread, five oranges, and about fourteen Fruit Roll-Ups. We laughed all night because of this hilarious mistake.

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