Friday, January 13, 2017


There are a lot of beautiful kind of arts I the world, but today I am going to write about what collages are. For those of you who don't kow what collages are there are many kinds of them. They could have cartoons, colors, stars, animals , and so on. I hope you enjoy this article!

I am going to write about what a collage is. In my opinion a collage is a group of different art either from a magazine or from the new paper or by hand, made to be admired by the public eye. Art is very beautiful and everyone should believe in their art even if it's terrible(and if it looks like Finns you should be very sad😐)
I like to do cartoon collages like snoopy, his friends Charlie Brown, and wood stock. The last one I did in school was a galaxy themed. It was super ugly in my opinion and I think someone accidentally threw it out so someone else had my opinion too. Some people like Nicole and Sophia like to do things like putting heads in cars.

That's a cute picture! In conclusion I think caulage should are very beautiful and we should all admire them (even if it's disgusting). Bye bye

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