Friday, October 14, 2016

Ps4 Booth

Written by Finn, Jo, Grace, and Kasama

Last Friday, the upper grade class took a field trip to Marina Green. When we got to the PS4 booth we had to register.  Everyone would enter their names and zip codes and email. After the person would register, they would get a wristband which allowed them to get in and out and also get 20 percent off the games. With registering, you could also get a chance to win a playstation 4 but only for people 13 years and older.

The PS4 booth had many exciting games such as Madden, 2K 17, Fifa 17, Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter, Uncharted 4,  Littlebig Planet, and Lego Marvel’s Avengers. Also if you beat 10 people in Street Fighter you could win a free t-shirt. All of these new PS4 games are available for PS4 in stores for about $60.

In the corner, unbeknownst to most, the ps4 crew were setting up a virtual reality experience. Jo and I (Finn) quickly rushed there to get in a nonexistent line. There was one man ahead of us and when we saw what he was doing it got us riled up. We saw how that he was playing a VR game, 'Rush of Blood' was a horror carnival game with blood and guts, this made me and Jo shout which, in turn, made more people notice and line up. So Jo and I were very lucky because once people noticed, the line grew bigger and bigger and bigger, and we did not have to wait as we were first. After Jo and I did, it another Hillwood student decided to try it out (Layla). She got five minutes into it and was so scared she had to quit.

Finn and I (Jo) played a game called Rush of Blood where you are on a horror rollercoaster ride. You see pigs that are split apart and you can see their insides moving. There are chainsaws all around almost killing you. There are nude dolls recording you while you ride. Some parts you go fast. For  the final parts you go through a hall that goes in and out. There’s a part where a scary monster opens the hallway roof and opens his mouth. Then you go to a part where clowns try to kill you with knives.
All in all, this was one of the more exciting days of Hillwood.


  1. This booth was so fun. Had the best time with all my peeps👌👌

  2. This was a very intersting read and I wish that i had gotten to do this virtual reality game