Friday, October 14, 2016

Army Suits

Last Friday, the fifth-eighth graders went to Fleet Week. When we first got there, we saw stands that showed gear that is used in the military. Some of the gear included suits that the military uses for certain rescue missions. That is what I'm going to write about.

One of the outfits that they showed us was a snow suit. It had a heavy jacket and goggles. The jacket also had a part that covers the mouth. They told us that this suit was used to rescue people who got stuck hiking or got stuck in an avalanche.

Another outfit was a scuba suit. They said that it was mainly used to save people from a boat that was sinking or already sank. They also had a boat that they used with it. They said that they would pack it into the helicopter that they used. They would put a parachute on the boat and throw it out of the helicopter and it would land perfectly on the water.

They also had a car that they would throw out of a helicopter if somebody was stuck in the mountains. We were all really surprised that they could throw a car out of a helicopter and it would land on the ground, undamaged. They also had a suit they used with the car. It was a camouflage suit with a helmet and a gas mask.

I thought that it was really cool learning about all of this. My favorite part of it was hearing about the car that they throw out of the helicopter.