Friday, September 30, 2016

Fairy tale food

I like food because it keeps me alive. Other people like food because it keeps them alive. Food is something everyone needs like water. There are lots of types of foods like Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Etc.My favorite kind is microwaveable Mac and cheese. Today I am going to write about what princesses, wizards, elves, etc ate in fairy tales.

According to a lot of fairy tales ate breakfast foods such as bread, porridge, fruit, pecans and more fruit. In fairytale they can make them eat whatever they want, but the food is usually a magical or a regular food. In all the fairy tales I have watched there are usually magical food.

Sweets are also very popular in fairy tales like in Hansel and Gretel They find a house made of candy and in the ginger bread man there is a world made out of candy. In the fairy tales there is always a evil god mother or evil person trying to put a princess to sleep,like in sleeping beauty the evil person gave the princess a poison apple. 

In conclusion I think the most common foods for fairy tales are sweets. I think they did sweets because every child likes candy and sweets.


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