Friday, May 6, 2016

Hulu Will Offer Live-Stream Service In 2017

Hulu will start to offer a live streaming service in 2017. This will offer a mix of cable and will broadcast many things such as news, sports, and important events. This means that they will start to rival with other services such as Dish's Sling TV and also Sony's PlayStation Vue and many more services.

The CEO of Hulu, Mike Hopkins, said "Very soon, fans will be able to enjoy favorite shows and cheer for favorite teams all on Hulu." He also promised a "very deeply personalized experience."

Hulu didn't give details on the partners it will work with on the service. There were also no details about the exact programming that will be included or what the pricing might be. 

The company also announced the creation of Hulu documentary films.  Its first documentary, already teased, will be named "The Beatles: Eight Days a Week."  This documentary will talk about the band's early career. 

Hulu will also introduce a virtual reality system, a coming feature from director Ron Howard is to create a virtual reality concert series later this year. 

Hopkins noted that Hulu, one of the bigger streaming websites currently active, will most likely reach 12 million paying subscribers by the end of May. By comparison, Hulu is one fourth the size of Netflix, which currently has 47 million US subscribers. 

Our opinion is that this new feature of Hulu is very innovative and smart. We are excited to watch our favorite shows and events live on Hulu TV.

Source: SF Chronicle

By Leo and Jo

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