Friday, April 15, 2016

Our Forth Day of Washington D.C

On the fourth day in Washington D.C we woke up at around 6:00am to get to breakfast. At 6:50 we left to got on the buses to go to Willumsberg. In Williumsberg we went to the printing press where we learned how newspapers were made in the 1700's. The people there dressed up like they were in the 1700's. Next we went to a tavern for lunch called the Shield where we ate salad,chicken pot pie,and ice cream. To drink we had an option of water, lemonade,and sweet tea.

Right after, we went to the Silversmith, there they had many guns and weapons from the 1700's. The lady explained how everything worked. After leaving the silversmith, we had 5 minutes of time to explore the gift shop Even if things were a bit pricey, they were very interesting. They had such things like toy muskets, and wooden recorders(the instrument). 

Then we walked to the capital building. There we went to the place where they would debate, we also went to the place where our founding father wrote the declaration of independence. 

Soon after we walked to the old jail and this was the only building that we went to that has not changed and was not rebuilt. The jail cell that we went to held Blackbeards crew members the cells were made of wood and the toilets looked very old. 

In the governors palace we saw many stuff. We visited Governor Dunmores palace, There we saw many rooms and even his daughters room and the mirror they would dress in. After that we saw their bedrooms. It was a very big palace, it was also fancy and heavily decorated. 

After our fun filled day in Williumsberg we took a bus to the Union Station to have dinner. After dinner we went to the hotel to do our last workshop. In the workshop we played train wreck then we wrote down our goals when we get back home.

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